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Telecommunications technology has been marching ahead with new technology and systems being developed frequently. Telecom operators, aggregators, advertisers and other stakeholders have been trying to leverage on the latest advances in the sector and TeloGo Communications Ltd is well equipped to offer them customized solutions for their message and voice communication needs.

Tracking solutions is one of the latest in the field of communications technology. TeloGo can offer you customized solutions in this evolving field so that you can target your customers in the best way possible.

Tracking solutions

With our location based tracking solutions you will be able to communicate with users of mobile phone about activities, programs, offers, discounts and a plethora of other stuff in the current location of the user. This will benefit a diverse pack of companies and business establishment.

Restaurants will now be able to target customers coming within its radius of operation with alluring deals and discounts based on his location. Consumer goods stores and others also can avail this route to welcome customers and target them with specific deals. Thus tracking services have become a boon for advertisers of consumer goods and services.

Mobile based tracking services can also help the user to search objects, events, entertainment avenues and healthcare options in his or her current location.

The insurgency in position based services

Owing to proliferation of GPS enabled handsets businesses can now target customers like never before. TeloGo communications Ltd is able to deploy powerful as well as flexible solutions in customer networks so that they can introduce new applications based on customer specific location based data obtained by tracking customers. We will make sure that your location based services are able to track devices of any make using the services of any carrier.

Benefits of tracking solutions

Tracking solutions without GPS assistance

TeloGo Communications ltd is also able to deploy tracking solutions for handsets without GPS system. We will let you have an idea about the location of a specific customer by calculating the delay in radio signal of the cell tower nearest to the user.

Tracking solutions from TeloGo Communications Ltd will help you to leverage the new advances in telecommunication technology and increase your productivity as well as revenue.