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TeloGo Communications Ltd delivers high value under its business practices leveraging the requirements related to the travel and Hospitality sector as a superior industry differentiation. Most travel management companies face a flurry of challenges in today’s rapidly changing priorities of customers and suppliers. Unstable offers and fluctuating prices are driving the established set of customer loyalty to look out for much fairer and easily accessible network and management systems. With the rising the customer expectations, travel and hospitality management companies are approaching TeloGo to commoditize the serious factors related to travel and hospitality services. TeloGo offers solutions that help companies to reach out to their customers using multiple channels and also minting its way to compete with suppliers directly.

How TeloGo charts its plans

To overcome the growing challenges that have recently hit the travel sector, most companies are looking for an agile and superior customer support from a committed solution provider to reduce operating costs and also be a partner in its mission. The need is fulfilled with ease by TeloGo in the best possible way. The objective of TeloGo is to endow the companies with the best services in areas like application development and site maintenance together with infrastructure services. It also extends its full resources to meet the needs of business process outsourcing- BPO, to help its valued customers succeed in their market adventures. Placed at fair cost benefits designed using aggressive off-shoring capabilities and various other avenues leading to greater control over delivery budget, TeloGo is the best option to meet the needs of the market segment.

Road map for an efficient Travel Management solution

TeloGo Communications Ltd makes sure that the resources are made available using multiple channels leading to the complete breakdown of traditional boundaries within the travel distribution chain thus eliminating the unstable factors like commissions attached to the travel fares, airline commissions etc that often prove as a hindrance forcing travel management companies to commoditize travel plans. TeloGo works well with vertically integrated travel organizations that are struggling with the complexities of securing contracted supply for their wholly owned distribution channels. It not only offers solutions to meet the need for a proactive CIS to meet increased customer expectations, but also exposes the loopholes related to the lack of integrated travel and non-travel information. With the recent emergence of Low Cost GDSs that aim at creating contemporary solutions related to the True Connect within the established network of suppliers, clients and agents in order to help them with the solutions based on automation provision of round-the-clock services with superior customer service. This helps in charting out a reasonably effective Opex and Capx costs with end-to-end management including consultancy, project management, application development, application support, infrastructure service management and business process management.

TeloGo offers solutions to help widen, modify, upgrade, transfer or integrate systems on the desk applications for Travel and Financial services. The system can accommodate the basic necessities of travel fortunes like Foreign Exchange, Leisure Travel, Travel Management, Call Centre modules that help travel agencies automate their operations. TeloGo also facilitates the passable system of Travel Reservation Services accessing via e-commerce and traditional channels for business and leisure travel. TeloGo extends its service from the Fares Helpdesk Support Facility and Reservation Database Management that helps audit and regulate the revenue, sales and refunds from the Accounting Audit Services. With access to multiple knowledge domains, TeloGo is passionate about creation and execution of a customer IT roadmap toward becoming partners in long-term relationships.