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Mission gets gorgeous while value is valued

The communication is generally a verbal media where two can share their feeling, understanding, and values to each other. Beside verbal, the science has developed electronic media to communicate one to one or one to mass. To grab this huge potential market place, a number of communication tools makers stepped into and obviously our company Telogo Communications Ltd – a NODIA, Utter Pradesh based is one among them. Eventually, the telecommunication sector is one of the speedy growing Industries in India as well as in world encircling every user of electrical gadgets for making communication nationally or internationally.

Our company is neither a monster nor a snail in venturing its business; but it has already got its market stand for its priceless quality and service standard. It is needless to state that ours is a leading global telecom technology service entrepreneurs especially concentrating on rendering mobile messaging services across the globe. Our mission is to cater 360 degree power packed mobile messaging solutions to enterprises of all segments, aggregators, mobile operators and also to ISPs and resellers targeting every corner on the globe. Nonetheless, our team is comprised of highly innovative, zeal and techno oriented professionals of the industry who are professionally unparallel in understanding the needs and taste of our clienteles and taking utmost care to fulfill them with supersonic jet speed & prudent efficiency. Justifying situational existence, the entities have been entrusted with the diversified responsibilities to coup up and maintain our telecom infrastructure. They are never second to none in evaluating expertise in every conceivable arena related to the telecom segment.

To accomplish the mission of venture, our company has already captured the market with its products like

  • SS7 Level SMSC Setup & Operation

    Our expert technicians are well equipped to serve your properly.

  • Grade Messaging (Text & Voice)

    We can professionally guide to manage grade messaging.

  • Cell Broadcast

    For broadcasting specific features of company, notify something or target a particular set of visitors with notifications and warnings then cell broadcast is the best way as it lets you transmit the same SMS to everybody. We can help you in your cell broadcast venture as we have undertake with others.

  • Location Based Services

    It can take your business to new heights. You can virtually welcome new customers passing by or coming into your locality .This can be done with our location based services. Even customers can use our location based services to know about ATMs, hospitals, restaurants, cinema halls etc.

  • SMSC set up and operation

    To manage bulk SMS efficiently and effectively you should tone up your SMSC services and upgrade it to handle increased flow and change in profile of SMS. This calls for implementing all the latest technologies customized to your network and SMSC. We have been helping customers with setting up and operating there SMSC for quite some time.

  • Bulk SMS

    Sending bulk SMS can become barren if your network is not kept updated. We can help you upgrade your network and other infrastructure so that you can send bulk SMS without any hitch.