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With the advent of location based services communication with mobile phone users regarding activities, events, objects etc based on his current location has become possible. This has opened up a plethora of opportunities to companies trying to focus advertisements on a specific people based on his or her location. The opportunity lies in targeting specific data on health, entertainment, located based object search, and even stuff in personal life. We at Telogo communications ltd specialize in helping customers to target intended consumers based on their location.

Our services

Opportunities in location based services have gained many fold after the evolution of cheap smart phones because of their built in GPS settings. We can help you deploy powerful and flexible solutions to enhance the performance of assisted GPS systems and introduce new applications based on customer specific location data. Telogo communications ltd ensures that your location based services are operable with all device manufacturers and carriers.

Benefits of location based services

Small business owners can communicate with their local customers with the help of location based services.

Users with smart phones are able to search for businesses such as ATM counters, restaurants, entertainment options etc relevant to his existing location.

Users can interact with social media contacts of the same location for information about various stuff including businesses and entertainment.

Offers innovative marketing channel to companies who can now welcome and target new customers based on his location statistics. Restaurants and companies can welcome new entities passing by their location by offering coupons, discounts and announcing new deals.

Companies can monitor and track employees, vehicles, parcel etc.

Users can also get specific and area wise weather report that will enable them to arrange travel plans and do a lot of other stuff.

It can be used to enable control systems as well as to direct weapons.

Social events in a city can be recommended to you by detecting your location.

It helps the user to navigate to any place.

It also helps with notifications such as about traffic jams.

It is very useful in recovering stolen assets such as your laptop or some other item within a container where even GPS won’t work.

You can play specific games where location is a parameter.

Car rentals can schedule their fleets with this service.

Locations based services in phone without GPS

In handsets that do not have GPS systems the service provider gets the location of the user by calculating the delay in radio signal of the nearest cell phone tower.

How it works

If you do not have a GPS system in your mobile phone then browse to social networking websites in your mobile and announce your position by push notification. The service provider gets your latitudinal and longitudinal position on the map through a router. After this the provider searches for the cell phone tower nearest to your location. It uses a base station which has a radius of inaccuracy. With this they can be sure of the location. The SMSs and notifications then start pouring in based on local events, weather, services, medical arrangements, entertainment etc. All this happens within a short time and needs precision designing which the innovative people at Telogo communications ltd are capable of providing.