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About Telogo Communications

Telogo communications ltd. has been set up with a view to facilitate the smooth implementation, monitoring and regulation of technologies in the continuously evolving field of telecommunication technology service. We know that our esteemed clients are in the lookout for cost effective implementation of various facets of telecommunication technology so that they can keep ahead of the race and maintain as well as grow their subscriber base.

Qualified and experienced team

All these demands a talented pool of manpower that are experienced in each niche of telecommunication technology service and qualified to handle the various emergencies and intricacies involved in it. Thus we have acquired a pool of talents from across industry verticals that are adept and innovative at their respective field. This has given rise to a team that together can compete with the best in the field.

SMSC set up & operation

We are offering our expertise in SMSC set up & operation to operators, aggregators and message retailers who are finding it difficult to handle the task of sending messages efficiently and accurately. We help them to build and maintain scalable and technologically superior SMSC infrastructure so that they have no problem in delivering SMSs accurately and without much time lag. With our SMSC set up customers can rest assured that surge in messaging activities will be taken care off, and there will be no errors in the service.

Voice management

Though the convergence of VoIP technology with the legacy TDM network and rise of internet telephony has helped in bringing down the cost of voice calls, the complexity of the network as well as threat to security has multiplied. The visibility of each of these networks has come down and troubleshooting has become difficult. This has made voice management a difficult proposition. That is why we have got down to bringing customized solutions for our customers in voice management. With out dedicated solutions operators can monitor and supervise voice channels separately and address problems.

Enterprise grade messaging

Enterprise grade messaging is a niche that companies across industry verticals need to have a look at. With the increase in number of applications and systems running at different locations and performing different tasks it becomes difficult to manage the whole task which is afterall geared towards a common goal. This calls for accurate and timely communication between the different systems and applications. We have acquired efficient, innovative and qualified manpower and technology to implement enterprise grade messaging systems in corporate environments. This will make communication between different systems smooth and increase the efficiency of the organization.

Location based services

We have also earned a name for ourselves in location based services. With the help of such services you can target customers more accurately and in real time. Restaurants and consumer goods businesses can target customers coming within his area with discounts and deals to entice them. Other users can get specific information about banks, ATMs, hospitals and entertainment options in new areas where he may have come for official or personal visit.

However, we don't rest on our laurels. We are also providing services in the fields of bulk email and sms, cell broadcast, SMPP software etc to the complete satisfaction of our customers.