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Enterprise solutions from TeloGo will help you to cut cost and increase productivity

Decentralization of operations, automation and competition in reaching to the customer and increasing sales has been putting pressure on corporate enterprises to enhance communication among the different entities involved in the process of production, sales and distribution as well as customer service. Enhanced communication helps in increasing cooperation among the various systems, processes, users as well as beneficiaries. This helps in increasing productivity as well as reducing wastage, cost of services and products. It also enhances customer satisfaction.

Evolution in the world of telecommunication and mobile technology has provided the companies with an opportunity to enhance communication among the different stakeholders involved in the day to day work of corporate entities such as suppliers, employees, customers etc. TeloGo Communications Ltd is able to offer you customizable solutions for your entire enterprise grade network. We have been making our present felt in the world of enterprise grade messaging solutions, voice solutions, e-mail solutions as well as mobile applications.

Messaging Solutions

End to end messaging solutions from TeloGo throughout your enterprise network will help you to integrate your company's existing IT infrastructure such as ERP, CRM and other applications and enhance interaction among the different elements in the enterprise network. Such interaction in the form of SMS will help all the running systems and users to stay up to date about the status of others and ready to process input data delivered by others in the network.

Voice solutions

Messaging services may be able to solve the problem of coordination among the various systems in the network, but voice solutions too need to be implemented so that solutions for outbound interaction as well as deployment of integrated SMS and interactive voice features stay up to date. At TeloGo we help our customers implement state of the art voice solutions for your enterprise network's outbound interaction and inbound dialing along with the various elements and features involved in it.

E-Mail solutions

Spread of operations, sales and distributions, procurement and supply has necessitated customized communication solutions for managers and users. Even the mass communication channel with employees and customers need to be made more efficient, prompt and error free. This can be done through email, and TeloGo is able to offer excellent enterprise grade email solutions for corporate entities.

Key products of TeloGo

TeloGo is equipped with a bouquet of products for the everyday communication needs of enterprises. Its main offerings are SS7 level SMSC set up and operation, enterprise grade messaging and voice solutions, location based services, SMPP software, bulk email, bulk SMS, cell broadcast etc.

    SS7 level SMSC

  • SS7 level SMSC set up and operation helps companies cope with the occasional surge in messages. It helps in sending messages efficiently and in an error free way. This enhances customer satisfaction.

    Location based services

  • Enterprises will now be able to target customers with location specific advertisements about events and objects with the help of location based services from TeloGo Communications Ltd.

    Cell broadcast

  • If you want to target customers of a specific area with a particular advertisement, event, object or weather warning you can now do this with cell broadcast. We will help you send messages to inhabitants of a particular area through cell broadcast.