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The insurance industry is going through an upheaval. The advent of private insurance companies, frequent changes in regulations, agent commissions, foreign stake in Indian companies and several other relevant factors have made operating insurance companies a tough task. Poaching of employees and customers is a very pertinent factor in insurance sector. Retaining customers, assuring them about their policies, communicating with them about performance of their existing policies, updating them about new policies etc has become a tough task for insurance companies. Moreover, to stay healthy and promote growth they must also acquire new customers.

All this has necessitated implementation of automated solutions which will help companies maintain healthy relation with existing customers and acquire new ones. TeloGo Communication’s insurance solutions will help you do just that at least cost.

How we can help

Companies in the insurance sector find it difficult to send the right message to the customer at the right time about latest offers, due premiums, reminder about payments, insurance alerts etc. With an automated system they may be able to put across the intended message to their customers in a more organized way.

With insurance solutions from TeloGo communications ltd it will become possible for you to target specific customers with specific offers and engage them in two way text message traffic. This may entice your existing customers as well as potential ones and make them accept offers hurled at them. TeloGo communications has been implementing solutions for insurance sector for quite some time now. We can help you broaden your customer base, offer better services at least cost, acquire new ones and also increase brand loyalty of your customers.


Insurance sector has been leveraging on the ecommerce technology for some time to expand their reach, automate the process of customer engagement and deliver services directly and automatically. TeloGo Communications ltd will help you to increase the effectiveness of your ecommerce portal. With our solutions customers will be able to purchase your services through an integrated process in interactive voice mode.

Outsourced activities

Outsourced activities have evolved as one of the most important tools of operational cost cutting as well as efficient service delivery. There can be such managed services in HR activities, production support, maintenance activities etc. Though these services help improve companies balance sheets and services, they are a difficult management proposition. With our solutions for managed services in the insurance sector you can hope to manage outsourced services without a glitch.

Benefits of our services

With our services you will be able to