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Consciousness of healthcare takes one to the path of wellness

The exceptional improvement in the field of mobile communications technology and proliferation of mobile handsets has changed the business scenario in a broad area. There is perhaps no industry left which has not benefited from the advancement of mobile communications. Communication has become faster and in real time which has resulted in effective and time bound delivery of services to a variety of customers whether that is in telecommunication, BFSI, FMCG, retail, logistics and any other sector. In tandem with the pace of growth of telecommunications and change in people’s lifestyle the healthcare industry should also change, otherwise it will become an anachronism.

An effective healthcare delivery system calls for efficient and real time communication to colleges, universities and the public at large about epidemics, preventive measures, immunizations etc for the general public and operation timings, hospitals, options for treatment, patient report, availability of medicines etc for the patients and their relatives. This will help you to deliver health care fast, effectively, at the right time and cost effectively. At TeloGo Communications we help the healthcare industry to upgrade their communications network and infrastructure as well as implement new solutions so that you are able to deliver healthcare effectively, reduce cost of treatment and increase your return on investment.

We recognize the importance of Health where solutions are delivered to mobile phones and hand held devices. We also provide suitable practical solutions making a preferable gateway to the cost effective aspect of modern healthcare services. Factually, Telehealth is making a social reform in making healthcare on a global scale. In is needless to express that tele-communications are a modern opportunity to meet tomorrow's challenges in the healthcare segment effecting aging populations, increased user demand and its budgetary limitations.

Actually, the right communications solutions take the patient at the heart of the process by developing a finer healthcare system. As a market follow up, telecom service providers are seriously noticing this viable opportunity and aiming to understand how they could function alongside all market players in maintaining healthcare ecosystem in order to develop a technology that will alleviate business pressure in the industry. We all know, in today’s era , men and women demand extra-powered health supplements as it becomes hard to give the due care keeping health well in the hectic schedule of lifestyle. Thus the best health supplements to keep health fit longer are a big talk of hour. Our unit has already taken a positive venture in solving health hazards to people.

Nonetheless, mobility solutions allow particularly pharmaceutical companies as well as tele-com device manufacturers to embrace elements of patient care through monitoring information. They cover different segment like

Besides offering medical advice, including self-care, consultations and permissible medication, TeloGo Communications Ltd also provides information about nearest emergency facilities in case of customers requiring emergency conditions covering speedy telephone transfers to the nearest ambulance or hospital for mobile callers.