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SMPP Software - a technical facilitator in MSG transmission for Gateway

The term "SMPP" stands to mean “Short Message Peer to Peer” and is used to transmit and receive messages to and from TDMA, GSM, iDEN, UMTS cell phones and is technically leveled to level-7 TCP/IP protocol allowing faster delivery of SMS messages. Users can enjoy a few advantages by using the SMPP protocol in place of receiving / sending messages via a GSM modem.

In fact, SMPP is one of the key products of Telogo Communications Limited based at Noida, India – a registered company under Indian Companies Act, 1956. They are professionally engaged in manufacturing communication tools and enjoying a good market reputation within a small spell of their business period. With technological superiority, Company is aimed to develop significant market share in manufacturing SMPP. As we know SMPP is technically a low-level binary internet protocol that facilitates receiving and sending medium or high volumes of SMS messages. While using SMPP, you don't require having a GSM modem or a SIM card rather we need to just have an internet connection together with an SMPP provider to link to.

Eventually, using SMPP has a number of advantages that edge over a GSM modem. For example,

However, to make more popular the common protocols of SMPP is required to be understood for making the user compatible in the days to come. .Practically SMPP is technically powered and capable to carry any message type just like UCP/EMI.SMPP can technically be utilized as a protocol which transfers messages between applications like the Short Message Service Center (SMS Center) and Ozeki Message Server of the GSM Service provider over an IP connection. This connectivity can be an internet link or a leased line. However, keep in mind to protect your PC and the SMSC by VPN preferably.

So we have embraced the SMPP software big time and the future holds a lot of promise in the days to come as well.