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TeloGo Communications Ltd has a strong network with all the leading Organisations in the FMCG-Retail segment with sturdy distribution networks constantly look up to us to channelize their needs pertaining to optimize delivery methodology. TeloGo offers solutions to the organizations and instantly counter market dynamics so as to provide a strong platform in the segment as a reckoning force in the ever competitive FMCG-Retail business scenario. The Telogo team extends its services in the field of business process reengineering, leading to a transformation management process in the organization and distribution network. The process of sowing the change factors in the shortest possible time, with supreme excellence in quality, helps FMCG-Retail client's business to sustain their leadership in the market.

Fastest Climber to the top of FMCG Service provider

TeloGo Communications Ltd is associated with major clients in FMCG and Retail sectors. The Call management team is proficient in executing significant projects, most of the times the solution is spread across diverse geographies both nationally and internationally. In depth perceptive of business processes, workflows and IT Landscape (Distributor Management Solution, Sales force automation Solutions, Retail Billing and ERP applications) in Retail and FMCG environment has enabled TeloGo to surface as one of the leading service partner with many FMCG clients for all their IT initiatives. The professional expertise about the field requirements & intricacies, inventive delivery methodologies and strong project management skills propels TELOGO to be the partner of choice for Distributor/Retail Store Rollout, Business application and IT Infrastructure Support services for the frontline leaders in the industry. TeloGo's presence in the booming Indian FMCG Sector allows the organization to leave a wide footprint of reputable service network, availability of skilled resources with domain expertise, focused business unit for training, content development, countrywide network of training centres, huge experience in infrastructure services, process driven delivery methodologies, experience in handling large and complex projects has uniquely positioned TeloGo to address the IT requirement of Retail-FMCG organizations. Time tested and effective handholding services of TeloGo has resulted in the higher absorption rate of new business processes and IT applications.

TeloGo's offering to the Retail & FMCG Industry

TeloGo has made its mark in building service-oriented applications that allow the actions of sending bulk SMS and quick interfacing with the dealers, distributors, franchisees, and retailers on account receivables, inventory control etc belonging to the global and domestic FMCG-Retail organizations and their stake holders as well. Working on the market's limited forces of Push and pull the sales report obtained from the area and territory-zone helps the desk to coordinate the services to the direct client. It also allows for the implementation of the interaction channel with the employees and communicating the information at right time.

TeloGo Communications offers in-house extensive Training programs related to the Initial Learning Programs, eLearning Content Development and even Participant Certification events. In addition, TeloGo also offers deployment of Site Readiness Audit team for FMCG organizations. Device Staging Services together with the application program of deployment & user handholding is effectively managed by the Helpdesk Services from TeloGo. TeloGo also supports Remote Facility Management Services and allows handling of AMC Services and OEM/ASP/vendor management with the Spare management Services. TeloGo stands out of the league when it comes to the intricate requirements of Data Analytics. Its Retail Industry analysts track over 1500 retail companies all across the world and label over 50 decisive data points from various structured and unstructured data sources