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Information technology has engulfed manual processes and has automated operations across industries and businesses. Information technology companies themselves also need to implement solutions that will help them to engage their existing customers and bring in new customers. They also need to alert their customers about new technologies being developed and implemented across industry spectrum. This calls for implementation of communication solutions that will help you to engage your customers seamlessly. TeloGo Communications ltd is able to do just that for the IT industry.

Services that take the help of information technology extensively to offer services to their customers are known as IT enabled services. Back office processes, call centers, medical transcription, billing, coding etc are known to be IT enabled services. Proper implementation of communication solutions helps these companies to offer their services effectively and in a cost effective way. TeloGo Communications can help with customized solutions at low cost.

How we can help

Voice solutions

IT enabled services mostly need comprehensive outbound voice as well as inbound dialing solutions from simple to complex deployments. We offer all these solutions along with integrated messaging and IVR systems.

Messaging solutions

Messaging solutions are a must have for those IT enabled services that are engaged in marketing of products and services. We will help you implement end to end messaging solutions and integrate that with your existing IT infrastructure such as CRM and other applications. This will help you deliver messages over bearer channel.

Email solutions

The email has evolved from being a mere tool for communication to a customer engagement medium. Our email solutions will help you to deliver customized messages to specific customers. It is seen that such messages help in increasing the response of the customer and may make him accept offers. You will also be able to deliver mass emails to your existing and potential customers.


E-Commerce is one of the biggest beneficiaries of IT services and is known to be an IT enabled service. Ecommerce firms like online shopping malls thrive on interacting directly with customers across the world. They need to advertise their services online. But the proliferation of online shopping destinations and other ecommerce sites has put an element of competition among them. Most customers like the idea of purchasing products on interactive voice response system. Moreover, the implementation must be cost effective too so that customer engagement does not cost the moon to the company. We can help you implement an effective and comprehensive digital platform so that they can engage new customers, retain existing ones and make customers delighted with timely and effective delivery of discounts and offers.

Enterprise mobile applications

We are able to offer you customized mobile applications across a host of operating systems like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, J2ME etc. Advantages of using our services in ecommerce