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The advent of mobile marketing has changed the face of advertising and customer engagement. Now you can surprise your customers with specific deals, offers and discounts in consumer products and services through messaging services. With such alluring offers customers usually get interested in partaking of the offer and they may want to respond to messages to know more about a particular brand, service or offer. This is an opportune idea for businesses as they can engage the customers in conversation and make them grab the offers and deals. This is possible with two-way messaging, and TeloGo Communications Ltd has experienced and qualified manpower as well as technology to implement such solutions.

What is 2 way messaging

Two way messaging is a tool in the hands of mobile marketing and advertising professionals that helps them to engage customers in a two-way SMS traffic and entice them to grab offers hurled at them through text messaging.

How it works

Two way messaging is possible with the help of short codes. These are codes that are embedded in the text messages sent to the customer and help the customer to reply to the messages completely free of cost. These codes happen to be 3 to 7 digit numbers and mostly comprise of 4 to 5 digits which makes it easy for customers, employees and suppliers to remember these codes. There are particular short codes for particular companies or products and thus consumers may identify the codes with specific product or company. This may establish a direct channel between the brand and its potential customers.

Advantages of 2 way SMS

They are an ideal tool for advertising campaigns and promotions where companies want to engage customers and stakeholders in conversations. These codes work across all mobile networks.

For the audience it saves time and money, and for you this makes it possible to engage the customer in an automated conversational process without resorting to voice calls. It also lets you connect with partners and employees in remote locations.

Such messaging service stimulates consumer interest and helps you gather consumer information. You will be able to send follow up messages, and customers will be able to provide feedback. It helps in getting real time SMS replies efficiently.

SMS marketing can be integrated with other platforms for marketing of your products and services. Social media and email are the best example of such platform, and integrating two way messaging with social media and email may reward your promotional efforts in a big way.

Research has shown that customers are more likely to respond to your messages and give feedbacks to you if the response does not cost him or her anything. In this regard two way SMS can be an exciting new tool for businesses, and TeloGo Communications Ltd is intent on and capable of giving you the best implementation of this new tool.

Uses of 2 way messaging

Two way messaging can be used in customer relationship management, engaging the customer in competitions with enticing offers and promotions or campaigning for brands. It also helps in advertising specific loyalty programs and broadcasts.