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World’s latest biggie in mobile messaging service not only offers an array of powerful SMS Operations and functions to the business operators but also extends customized solutions to the tele-caller enterprises, Aggregators, ISP’s and message resellers. The customized Solutions from TeloGo feature a well designed strategy for strengthening the operational capability of the business operators. The customised solutions can help resource the full potential of an individual, team and wider organisation to derive profitable output from them. TeloGo is driven by the motto to channelize the development solutions built on unparalleled global expertise in the fields of customized solutions in management, administration and organisational development. The expert professionals at the TeloGo hunt down the smarter ways to work out a certain strategy by resourcing innovative potential in a supply chain. TeloGo not only add value to the Customized business processes but also garner tips to improve critical measures of performance.

The TeloGo Approach

When it comes to offering a solution, listening to the Client and understanding the problem is more vital than arriving at the conclusion. TeloGo Customized Solutions Team listens to what the Business client wishes to accomplish. The team applies expertise in driving performance, leading, confronting, inspiring and forging profitable alliances with the business stakeholders. TeloGo’s facility to mix together a perfect blend of intellectual superiority with matter-of-fact business shrewdness balances the issue-handling events with prudence. The team helps in coordinating the organization’s needs with that of the demands of today and possible future. Pepped with hardened practitioners, specialist faculty and high-profile solution contributors from all industrial sectors from across the globe, the Customized Solutions team is capable of reaching out to every business group irrespective of the geographical topography and business requirements.

TeloGo’s Customised Solutions is a provider of specialised SS7 Level SMSC Setup & Operation, Enterprise Grade Messaging (Text & Voice) and Cell Broadcast. Other vital business portfolio operations include solutions to handle Location Based Services, SMPP Software and bulk E-mail with firewall authorization and corporate call management. TeloGo also specializes in the management of Bulk SMS and corporate e-mail distribution services to a great variety of industries, with featured state-of-the-art contemporary infrastructure, capabilities and an incorporated skills foundation right across the global business topography. TeloGo also offers elite expertise in communication facilities management providing the option of backfilling of excessive mailing and messaging capacity, whilst you can also leverage from our skilled management tele-caller pool. Through TeloGo’s facilities management, customers can prefer to outsource management solutions regarding all or part of the supply chain, outsourcing the management functions of the Wireless infrastructure to TeloGo, while holding onto the title responsibilities of the facility.

USP: TeloGo’s competitive capacity

TeloGo believes in handling one client with a single point management access whilst delivering the best in hand solution. Built under the influence of Multi-user facilities capable of offering diverse benefits to customers of all sizes, with suppleness to augment and cut down the footprint to cater for the communication and messaging businesses changing needs.

TeloGo management is responsible towards protecting the environment and commitment to find innovative ways to decrease the overall customer's carbon footprint figures at the top of its ventures and process functions. TeloGo Customer Solutions team is a continuous project executive group that discovers innovations and puts them to vocation for the customers and the management bottom line.