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TeloGo offers a full range of retail service solution that is unique and profitable in terms of the purchase, sale, and management of real property. TeloGo is well known for its easy affordability, robust functionality and standard procedures designed on the platform of intuitive workflow technologies. The company currently handles an overall portfolio of more than 10 million apartment units that are managed more profitably with guaranteed satisfaction. Its innovative multi-functional benefit plan empowers the customer to lease out the flats, bungalow, office units as well as retail apartments much faster and easily. Developed with a team of extensively researched retail real asset management group, the Real estate asset solution are designed with function-centric workflow technology that synchronizes the basic factors of the business portfolio like leasing, marketing, accounting and management into one system. It also offers a real-time reporting on the data when needed in a precisely structured manner as and when required by the client.

Concrete Real asset management solutions from TELOGO

TeloGo Communications Ltd is rated as one of the most influential and resourceful forecasting solution available in the contemporary market. It is used by prominent asset managers, REITs and other institutional investors throughout the world. Its all-inclusive suite of classy financial analysis tools for real estate asset and portfolio management can be used for preparing and operating the futuristic projections for commercial office, retail, industrial, apartment, and hotel properties.

TeloGo covers every single point of interest in the real estate segment built with a deep technical expertise. TeloGo offers an extensive interface screen and presents the forecasting workflows in a way real estate professionals spontaneously comprehend the entire portfolio. The solutions are tagged as complex or simple analysis depending on the feedback from the market hunters. The solution programme eradicates the errors and issues related to the manual manipulation thus empowering the Real asset business with and diagnostic capability unmatched by none other in the industry. It is capable of analyzing every type of real estate project, with any capital structure, at any stage of development of the project. The team has an exhaustive list of customers to direct the information as an access point into the valuable tenant, property, or portfolio level data and analysis in the real estate asset data files and create independent reports and graphs.

Unique features to Push the Business leads

TeloGo allows the feature of cross-questioning in matters of market research, property search sort, and format data from within the organization. The solutions offered can be summed up in quick time and the information can be used for implementing the executive strategic decision-making and even everyday tactical management of investments. TeloGo provides a sophisticated tool module that is capable of forecasting all hard and soft costs that are required for the funding associated with the construction and upcoming development projects irrespective of the state of its acquisition, development, renovation, re-development or unit sales project.

Based on the customer requirements, the team can handle the asset portfolio and help structure a unique automatic debt funding solution based on project costs that not only includes the tenant improvements but also exclusively covers the partial funding of specific costs. It will also allows the business team to gauge the financing and funding for any type of loan on the real estate investments aptly supported by the property management and general ledger applications that have the room to import real world costs and revenues without manual data entry.