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Competition in the banking and finance sector has resulted in poaching of customers. Advent of private banking has added to the competition. Enticing offers, quick services, and freebies are alluring customers to other banks and financial institutions in droves. This calls for massive effort to retain customers and to increase the customer base. Along with this the sector also needs to bring down cost of operation so stay profitable. However, customer servicing and engagement cannot be sacrificed at the altar of cost cutting. Moreover, customer engagement is a very effective tool in retaining customers and getting new ones. This is absolutely true for the finance sector as most of the customers are known to be finicky about financial matters.

All this calls for implementing automated solutions that will help companies maintain relations with existing customers and acquire new ones. TeloGo Communication’s banking and finance solutions will help you do just that at least cost.

How we can help

It is seen that companies in the banking and finance sector find it difficult to put across their messages about offers, interest rates, maturities, freebies etc to the customers. With an automated system you will be able to spread the intended message to the customers in a schedule and organized manner. Moreover, you can target specific customers with specific offers and engaged them in two way messages. This has the potential to entice your customer and make them accept the offers hurled at them. TeloGo communications has been implementing solutions for banking and finance sector for quite some time. This has helped out customers to broaden their customer base and offer better services at least cost.


Banking and finance sector has been leveraging the ecommerce technology to expand their reach, automate the process of customer engagement, deliver services directly and reduce human intervention. TeloGo Communications ltd can help you increase the effectiveness of your ecommerce platform so that customers are able to purchase products and services through an integrated process in interactive voice mode.

We can help you with several menu based IVR and other solutions to meet your specific customer requirements. This can be done through conversion of text to speech, database integration, IVR based on short code etc. TeloGo communications ltd has exhibited its expertise in all these sectors.

Managed services

Managed services have evolved as one of the most important tools of cost cutting and efficient service delivery. Be it the HR activities, production support or maintenance activities managed services are a pillar of cost effective operations. However, managing these outsourced activities efficiently can be a headache for companies. With solutions for managed services in the banking and finance sector you can hope to manage outsourced activities without a hitch.

Our offerings

We can offer you end to end managed services platform that include