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The ubiquitous cell phone has taken communication to new levels, and there has been a plethora of services being availed and pushed through cell phones. However, one feature of GSM cellular network that remains underutilized is cell broadcast.

What is Cell Broadcast?

This is a facility in a mobile network that allows the operator to deliver a specific message to cell phone users of a specific area tracking them by their area code. This helps them in public notification about disaster warnings and a variety of other important and not so important matters.

While using cell broadcast feature the company selects a specific tower in a locality to send the message. This means that users outside the area do not receive the message. Therefore, it is a targeted message delivery system that is somewhat anonymous in nature because the service does not know any particular mobile number. Moreover, the message is received by all the users of that particular area simultaneously. We at Telogo Communications Ltd are providing cell broadcast service for our esteemed customers.

How is Cell Broadcast message?

A cell broadcast message may consist of a maximum of 15 pages each of which contains 93 characters. Each of these pages has the same element for identifying the source of message as well as the same serial number. Thus the mobile phone may decline to receive messages if it has already received the same message. All this demands precise designing, and we at Telogo communications ltd are capable of doing that to your satisfaction.

Not all cell phones can receive a cell broadcast

Cell phones must be compatible with certain features in order to receive cell broadcast messages. In compatible phones the cell broadcast feature must be turned on to receive such messages. The system at Telogo Communications Ltd is able identify cell phones which have not enabled their cell broadcast reception service, and send OTA configuration messages to these phones so that they switch on the service.

Benefits of Cell Broadcasting

One cell broadcast message is able to reach a number of users at the same time. The service is not much affected by traffic. So it can be used when there is a surge in traffic during disasters or special occasions.

It is more or less free from spoofing and spamming.

Implementing Cell Broadcasting

Implementing cell broadcast requires implementation of hardware and corresponding software which will authenticate the message, implement trust policies and send them for delivery. We are new and hungry for success. Therefore, our engineers are out there to prove their mettle in implementing the correct policies.

You need a source of cell broadcast in the form of a cell broadcast center which will be connected with a base station controller in your GSM network over standard TCP/IP connection.

The interface of cell broadcast center and base station controller as well as that of cell broadcast center and radio network controller are described in 3GPP standard. The base station controller and the radio network controller will deliver the broadcast message to the base station and the nodes which handle the requested cells for broadcasting the message.