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TeloGo Communications Ltd offers a strong option for the advanced issues related to the supply chain. Logistics solution has opened up many opportunities for improvement with wireless and mobile solutions. TeloGo provide business enterprises with the advanced ability to optimize their process systems. The company offers the business houses to receive parts and products thus enabling better tracking and management as they move up the supply chain. TeloGo brings all the expertise from the edge of the business enterprise and covers every aspect throughout the entire supply chain. As part of 3rd party logistics services, TeloGo provides customized solutions designed specifically for manufacturers, importers, distributors, and wholesalers. A comprehensive solution is provided that one can focus to transform the logistics aspect of supply chain. A right mix of state of art infrastructure, software along with hardware can indeed be created by the mobile experts.

Global platform for Logistics and Supply chain management

TeloGo has entered into a new program of expanding logistics solutions that cover many different areas and global platforms of proficiency that includes reconditioning of returned items, alteration to meet regional standards and operational research analysis. Returns do not necessarily equate to a headache for retailers who use our complete logistics solution. TeloGo also specializes in the reverse logistics system that allows the maximized alternative to increase revenue on the returned items. The maximized option is achieved by getting them back to market using customized route. The Logistics team at TeloGo ensures that all the supply chain products are personalised and tagged along an extremely flexible. The research team can handle high volume as well as shorter, more bespoke runs of personalisation... The team covers every single product and forms a platform for the reworking service to cover a broad range of solutions, from refurbishing power tools through to changing components on light fittings, and upgrading children's toys so they meet UK/EU specification.

We make it a point that we focus on the core competencies and at the same time utilize the company assets along with inventory in an effective manner. The key point to understand is that one of the main reasons on why outsourcing takes place is because of the lack of warehouses on the part of various companies. Some of our specialities are inbound as well as outbound logistics, integrate as well as manage the logistics functions, focus on inbound logistics as well as reverse logistics.

Miscellaneous Logistics Operations from TeloGo

TeloGo has established itself as a global supply chain management solution provider and it covers all the segments of Logistics that includes. TeloGo also offers world class fleet management solution that guarantees quality, speed, and accuracy of information which is tagged along with each package, pallet or container. This allows the companies utilizing bar-coding and RFID (radio frequency identification) can improve responsiveness and efficiency as well as cut operating costs, giving them an advantage dock to dock and dock to door.