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The telecom sector is one of the most rapidly evolving ones and demands continuous and evolving technological competence for infrastructure upgrade and maintenance. Therefore, the entities entrusted with the responsibility to upgrade and maintain your telecom infrastructure must be expert in every conceivable field related to the telecom vertical.

Telogo Communications Ltd.

Our expertise ranges over an array of telecom technologies, and we are continuous innovating, delivering and improving ourselves so that we can deliver the best possible value to our customers.

Our expertise

We are a leader in implementing mobile messaging solutions worldwide. Whatever is your industry vertical we are capable of providing customized telecom solution. We also provide our services to mobile operators, aggregators, message resellers, ISPs etc. We have proved out mettle in the following fields.

SMSC set up and operation

To manage bulk SMS efficiently and cost effectively you should tone up your SMSC services and upgrade it to handle increased flow and change in profile of sms. This calls for implementing all the latest technologies customized to your network and SMSC. We have been helping customers with setting up and operating there SMSC for quite some time.

Enterprise grade messaging

Corporate environment demands precise and timely communication between several applications and systems running simultaneously on site as well as off site and in different departments. A smooth communication and messaging system between each system and application will make the process of decision making and system performance smooth. You can do this by implementing enterprise grade messaging system in your network. We are a leader in enterprise grade messaging and have implemented such solutions in several industry verticals.

Cell broadcast

If you want to broadcast specific features of your company, notify something or target a specific set of people with notifications and warnings then cell broadcast is the best way since it lets you send the same SMS to everybody in that particular area simultaneously. We can help you in your cell broadcast venture as we have done with others.

Location based services

Location based services can take your business to new heights. You can welcome new customers passing by or coming into your locality and offer them discounts, vouchers or address them with specific deals to attract them. This can be done with our location based services. Even customers can use our location based services to know about ATMs, hospitals, restaurants, cinema halls etc.

Bulk sms

Sending bulk sms can become a nightmare if your network is not up to date. We can help you upgrade your network and other infrastructure so that you can send bulk sms without any hitch.