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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I benefit from the services offered by TeloGo Communications ltd?
TeloGo has been offering communications solutions to a host of companies across industry verticals. So far we have served over 400 companies in pharmaceutical, telecommunication, banking, IT and ITES, insurance, E-Commerce, FMCG and Retail, Government, logistics, media, entertainment and several others. We have helped them integrate their mobile voice and message strategy in order to serve and engage their customers better. Companies can benefit from our expertise in implementing voice and messaging solutions.
How can small and medium sized companies benefit from your services?
The competitive market makes it imperative for you to advertise for your products and services and promote new services and products. In the age of mobile technology and the web the best promotional tactic can only be a marriage of the two, and TeloGo can do that for medium or even small companies.
Who are the beneficiaries of location based services?
Everyone can benefit from location based services. Advertisers, restaurants, hotels, FMCG stores, and even mobile users can benefit from location based services offered by TeloGo communications ltd. Some will use it for messaging alluring deals and discounts while others will use it for more mundane things like availability of nearby ATM, entertainment options etc.
How much impact it is going to have in my return on investment?
Companies across industry verticals for whom we have rolled out various communications solutions are seeing upto 400% increase in their sales and revenue. It is only a matter of guess how much you can benefit!
How can your voice solutions help companies in the service sector?
With the help of our state of the art voice solutions for the service sector customers will be able to call a specific toll free number and get the desired information through mobile messaging.
How can your messaging solutions help our company?
With the increase in variety of messaging services throughout the mobile network, occasional surges in messaging activity and broadening customer base the need for a robust messaging solution that will be able to handle all the exigencies regarding messaging is ever increasing. We at TeloGo communications ltd are aware of the need and have enabled companies to consolidate the messaging function so that it is able to meet all the exigencies in operation and still receive store and dispatch messages accurately.
Can you help our company to effectively deliver real time messages to employees, suppliers and other stakeholder?
Yes, we can. We are helping companies to tighten up their communication system so that real time messaging is possible between various stakeholders.
Can enterprise grade messaging solutions work for small companies like ours?

These are scalable solutions and are fit for medium companies as well. Enterprise grade messaging helps to integrate the outputs from various systems engaged in processing data throughout the company network including remote location ones. This helps to do away with the time lag to process information and thus helps save time and money. It also helps the management in taking prompt decisions.

How do I contact you?
You can mail us through our website www.telogo.in