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TeloGo Communications Ltd offers a versatile and proficiently effective solution to cater to the automobile segment. It’s cost-competent, all-inclusive ERP solution also help auto companies in managing their dealership segment and help them acquire complete operational control. TeloGo understands, track, and convene market requirements; and efficiently supervise workshop activities. The automobile integrated tool suite helps firms control and meets sales target and enhance customer satisfaction. This dynamic, multi-currency, multi-company solution delivers significant business benefits through key modules.

TeloGo helps improve customer satisfaction and grow dealership by knowing who called, how they found the dealer interest, and reason for calling. TeloGo call tracking solutions give the tools and information needed to take the telephone and advertising operations to an all new level. It helps the client capture every phone lead and turn more leads into buyers by improving the total phone processes. The Telego’s call management capabilities allow the business leads to take the right steps toward building a more profitable staff and dealership. It not only helps determine the best ways to reach out to the customers while saving money by taking control of the extensive ad expenditure. Ensure you capture every lead, whether it's from your phone or website. Gain important lead information and connect with incoming leads faster.

Solutions: The best management practices

TeloGo Communications Ltd cater to the following processes

Payroll management

TeloGo ad tracking shows how to exactly where to place the auto dealership ads and hunt down the generated phone leads; whether it's on a billboard, the company dealership website, or anywhere in between. The company can secure more deals by responding to form leads or phone ups more effectively. TeloGo Communications Ltd provide the advantage needed to connect with customers at their highest point of interest at a quick turn- around rate by cost-effectively communicating with a massive group of customers by sending broadcast messages. Strategy to retain the existing customers with new client acquisition

TeloGo Communications Ltd helps manage the whole schedule and work process by putting some time back in your day and bring customers back to your dealership with pre-recorded messages that reach your customers. Better train your staff, confirm vital deal information, and find new or missed opportunities in sales and service by monitoring inbound and outbound calls. TeloGo’s detailed reports, call recordings, and other monitoring solutions boost the business prospects and help gain the information needed to grow your business. TeloGo’s super-efficient control over all operations with comprehensive interface for storage and retrieval of vehicle information has proved vital in increasing the overall customer satisfaction. The feedback is marked using the modern customer-centric tools like EMI calculator, Email & SMS alerts that ensure increased competitiveness and profitability and provide a platform to design better and swifter decision-making capabilities.