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The long lasting survival in market demands dedicated service

Catering high powered telecom services, market has got a few telecommunication manufacturing companies across the country and our specific venture M/s. TeloGo Communications Ltd is exactly stationed at NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh India with an integral nursing mission to make available high tech telecom expertise to the people. Among giants, our entrepreneur is just a tiny unit needs care and nursing aiming to be big like other monsters in the days to come. The pillaring perception of commending such high vision is none but its devoted, energetic and electrified manpower those are aimed to combat the situational barriers whatsoever it may be in the way of their growth. Eventually, this cemented attitude has developed a concreted avenue to manufacture telecom items with class and status. It’s needless to point out that we are governing the telecom market with our a few devices among many prevailing in the market as of date. The core business target of TeloGo Communications Ltd is to influence maximum business outflow with existing products keeping a reservation to grab more in the days to come. Among our available products as of date, consumers can enjoy our manufactured items for facilitating telecom uses and consumers can take advantages of Location Based Services, SMPP Software, Bulk SMS, SS7 Level SMSC Setup & Operation, Cell Broadcast, Voice Management, Enterprise Grade Messaging (Voice & Text),Bulk email.

Functional segments:

Our unit is strongly with belief of "Service" that carries the meaning of utility generated, out of using our manufactured items, is ethical and commercial business value. Our unit wishes to pinpoint company’s service segment which is a part and parcel to its manufactured products having been marketed under an esteemed business brand and it will , without any hesitation, of no ethical value, if companies products stand in the consumer’s market segment without offering "service" or "utility". It is needless to say that each and every product does, in the consumers’ market, service in some ways of activities. Our unit is also one among them aiming to survive in stiff competition. Eventually, TeloGo Communications Ltd is truly a professional mobile messaging service provider, together with powerful SMS functionality to aggregators, entrepreneurs, ISPs, operators, message resellers, Grade Messaging, and m-Vas & Solutions and they foresee to be in the market with more devices in the days to come.