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With a prolific client base of 500+, TeloGo offers a strong and efficient Call management Solution. Bred with Predictive dialling technology, TeleGo garners streamlined operation process that strengthens the business with the capability to automatically call out using algorithms to speed up or slow down the dialling process. Today most business seeks information from its directory and often calls a huge volume of clients in a very short term of time. As telephone agents wanting to be assisted with the state-of-the-art predictive diallers, TeloGo Communications Ltd has established itself as a proficient service provider of predictive calling capacity. TeloGo's Call management Solutions not only makes business calling more efficient but also makes calling less monotonous. Recent market research has shown that the job profile attached with Telemarketing highlights the lowest retention rate out of any job. Using the solutions from TeloGo reduces the tediousness of telemarketing and hence helps increase your agent retention rate as well as agent productivity.

TeloGo's Call management Solutions enhance the business capabilities of the client by almost 400%. It not only eliminates the non-productive calls but also empowers the agents to invest more than 75% percent of each hour interacting with the customer and not merely dial the numbers. TeloGo's Call management solution ensure a much lower costs per transaction and increased contact rates thus increasing the effectiveness of the larger as well as the smaller telemarketing groups. The dialling software provided by the TeloGo Call Management solutions offers great accuracy thus ensuring that the tele-marketing agents take delivery of calls and the associated data-information simultaneously either on PC or on phones. The call management solution capabilities help foresee and accordingly plant the exact algorithm to deduce when to place the next call and detect unproductive calls over busy networks, attending vital info over client's answering machines. Rejecting non-productive calls and random disconnects also can be managed with effective loss of call time.

TeloGo's call management solutions offers genuine information entrusted with a reliable and versatile Call Centre Software/ hardware that is integrated with the services placed with the Customer Relations Management applications. This enables the Customer Relations team to attend to queries from client's end and increase business productivity without adding to the overhead costs. TeloGo's Call Centre Software regulated by the laws and complies effectively with the contemporary rules and regulations under the FTC and FCC authorities. The solutions and the services conform to the regulations under outbound dialling legislations and the National Do Not Call Registry.

Call Management Solution from TeloGo Communications Ltd sanctions call centres by helping agents that they spend up to 56 minutes per hour of calling talking and interacting with the live prospects. This asserts that the solution is paramount to generate new business leads from the network and also obtain relevant feedback from the clients. As all business functions, the aim is to generate Profit... but TeloGo assures a certain increase in business call Efficiency per Agent. A system built on efficiency of agent, his perpetual morale and retention throws light on the idea of how TeloGo's call system can increase profits and revenues. Business revenues can increase over three times, and profit increases almost ten times.

The fact is written all over the wall in Bold: Spend more time talking to more people and hunt down more leads. It is purely a game of crunching the Numbers.