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Marketing for services and objects has become easier with the proliferation in use of cell phones. Reaching customers was never so easy; now you can reach customers with a flick of the button and get your message right across to them. Not only that, you can even address people of a certain area with your mobile messaging campaign for your goods and services. Moreover, you can target consumers coming into or passing by your area with specific deals and discounts with the help of location based services.

All this has become possible because of continuous evolution and upgradation of mobile communication technology which has brought a revolution in the mobile marketing and advertising arena. TeloGo Communications Ltd is able to offer all the latest mobile marketing solutions so that you are able to stay at the forefront of mobile marketing and advertisement. Experienced and seasoned campaign managers make sure that you achieve maximum return on your investment through mobile campaign.

Campaign Manager

The Campaign manager package is a must have for mobile marketing companies since this is what makes the whole process of managing the mobile marketing and advertisement campaign possible. With this you will be able to target audiences and engage them.

A well orchestrated, organized, efficient and successful mobile marketing campaign involves scheduling of the campaign itself as well as the items advertised in it. This is possible with campaign manager.

The campaign manager also keeps track of the messages, campaigns and gathering data about the consumer.

Features of campaign manager